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Date 24/09/2011
By Laura21hübsch
Subject ..

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Date 06/08/2011
By Abraham Lincoln
Subject The day will come ….

Today (06/08/2011) I've attended the AGM at Loyola College, I really appreciate and express my sincere thanks for all our senior professionals who have taken keen interest in establishing this Association way back in 1985 and contributed immensely for the growth and its existence.

I feel that it is the high time we should position PSWA strategically at National as well as International platforms, its just the matter of time, the commitment and the involvement from the young professionals who are board now.

I look forward for a day where;

 TN Government seeks guidance from PSWA to devise programmes under Health and family welfare
 Govt. creates social work position (Medical social worker/Psychiatric social worker/welfare officer/community development officer etc) in all the critical department and the rest of the country learns from TN
 NGO starts recruiting only BSW/MSW professionals for their operations under all programmes and it becomes a standing order thereafter
 National /Internationals/ Philanthropic donor agency dictates that professionals with appropriate degree should be employed to plan and execute the development programme and it becomes the donor mandate
 Govt. takes steps to withdraw all social work courses introduced in distance education/open University
 NGO/CBO/CSO and Govt. sector recruits B.S.W/M.SW candidates for al positions after verifying with PSWA on their professionals membership details, registration etc -like how UK, Australia and other developed countries recruit social work professionals.
 PSWA emerges as a professional association which influences the Govt. in devising various schemes for poor and vulnerable people in the society
 PSWA being recognized as a strong and largest social work association in India which takes lead in organizing various international conferences and publishes journals operating out of its own office

All of you will agree with me that this is not a dream just we had yesterday, its been a dream for more than two decades now. Its doable and its been proved by other countries.

Please remember, already encroachments have started and all important key positions in National/International Organization have been occupied by M.B.A/Non-MSW candidates and if you fail to ACT now you can find our MSW candidates 5 to 10 years down the lane only as Peer Educators, Field Coordinators and Link workers getting 5,000 to 10,000 rupees a month in Development Sector.

“I request academician and practitioners to play a critical role in averting this huge threat and disaster which is ahead of us in near future”

All the very best for the new office bearers!

Warm Regards
Abraham Lincoln

Date 11/07/2011
By Babubhai Shah
Subject Progress

It is nice to know that your org. is committed to assist professional social workers in India. Recently, I attended conference on Spirituality and Social Work, at the Catholic University of America in Washington DC and speakers talked about Gandhi, Gautam Buddha and Yoga.

Date 07/08/2010
By Pampapati
Subject Thanking letter

Dear all

Those who are sending mail to me i thanks to all of, and i red out all the information about professional social worker association, its helpful to future endeavours.

Thanking you

With Regards

Date 28/10/2009
By Rohini Krishnan
Subject Kudos to PSWA

It is nice to see the professionalism in the web.
Keep it up and up date regularly.
it could be aplatform for the professionals to interact.
Best wishes

Date 30/05/2011
By Ed Geraty
Subject Facebook Buddhist Social Work Community

Date 28/10/2009
By P J Naidu
Subject Professionalism in web

The web design is professionally managed. Pleasing, inviting and elegant.
We do hope that it wil be functional with realtime updates.
P J Naidu, Editor, JSSW.

Date 28/10/2009
By P J Naidu
Subject Re: Professionalism in web

The guest book can contain the names of all those who attend the meetings in future. It will be an incentive for attending the otherwise lacklustre meetings.
P J Naidu, Editor, JSSW.


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